Cronus Consulting has formed a partnership with Sun Microsystems and other software vendors like Micro Focus (Migrationware) to provide an environment for running CICS and batch applications on Sun servers. These partnerships incorporates Sun rehosting product and Micro Focus Enterprise Server with Cronus Consulting's vast experience in the rehosting field.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server

The Micro Focus COBOL products consist of both developer toolkits and runtime libraries for applications created with these toolkits. The Micro Focus COBOL developer toolkits support the highest level of ANSI standard COBOL syntax along with many other syntax variants, including those of IBM's mainframe COBOL compilers. The runtime libraries allow Micro Focus COBOL applications to be easily distributed across Sun systems. Micro Focus COBOL and IBM COBOL/370 are completely compatible except in regard to the proprietary extensions that IBM made to their COBOL in respect of LE/370.

Net Express is a Windows based product that provides you with the ability to develop applications for deployment on Unix. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Unix platform and among its benefits is the fact that the developer is exposed to a highly productive GUI development environment that includes many debugging aids, wizards and various other productivity enhancing tools.

Revolve is a COBOL analysis tool that provide sophisticated analysis and impact analysis capabilities of your COBOL based software assets. This product is bundled with Net Express Professional. We advocate the purchase at least one Net Express Professional.

Server Express is a Unix based COBOL environment that provides the user with the ability to build applications for production purposes. Server Express also allows for editing and compiling of your COBOL code, however, this environment lacks many of the benefits provided by the combined use of Net Express and Server Express.

Mainframe Express will provide you with a GUI BMS screen painter and BMS compiler needed to create the required BMS run-time components. In addition the complete management of the CICS environment, which includes the maintenance of the CICS resource tables (e.g. PCT, FCT, PPT and SIT) can be performed utilizing this tool.

The latest version of Micro Focus' Net Express under Windows and Server Express under Unix come with the ability to run COBOL/CICS applications unchanged on these platforms.

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Enterprise Server

The embedded CICS Commands are dealt with directly by the Micro Focus compiler. Micro Focus Enterprise Server provides a scalable, managed and high-performance Transactional environment for the deployment of COBOL/CICS applications. It also supports the deployment of COBOL/ J2EE applications and direct COBOL Web services to Windows, Linux and UNIX. Enterprise Server is designed to maximize reliability, performance and scalability by providing a fully managed environment for the execution of COBOL services across the enterprise.

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Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software

Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing (Sun MTP) software is a native, fully-functional implementation of CICS on the Solaris OS. As with other advanced transaction processing systems, Sun MTP manages application resources such as programs, files, queues, transactions, screens, and terminals, providing a robust execution environment for business applications. The software includes support for a variety of client devices, including IBM 3270 SNA, TN3270, and WebSphere MQ clients. ECI, EPI, and java technology-based clients, as well as IBM's CICS Client and Universal Client products are also supported.

Sun MTP 8.0 is the latest version of Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing software. This release has a number of new features designed to enhance security, availability, interoperability, and manageability, including:

  • Sun Mainframe Security Facility (Sun MSF), which provides role-bases access control and eases migration of applications using RACF security rules.
  • A high availability (HA) agent for SunTM Cluster 3.0 Software to support failover
  • Support for very large VSAM files
  • Remote administration via the Java technology-based Sun Mainframe Administration Tool (Sun MAT)
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Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software

Sun Mainframe Batch Manager (Sun MBM) software provides a complete environment for the administration, execution and management of batch workloads on Sun servers.

Concepts such as job step level management, workload classes, and priorities, as well as file types such as COBOL, VSAM, and Generational Data Groups (GDGs), are supported.

Sun MBM includes facilities for migrating z/OS, OS/390, and VSE JCL job streams to Sun.

Additionally, since Sun MBM was designed to integrate with defacto standards, investment in existing system management utilities such as schedulers is often preserved.

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