This print spooler provides a complete environment for spooling and document printing from your computer under UNIX. All the features of standard spoolers such as lp are provided, together with greatly increased speed and many features more commonly found in mainframe spoolers, such as:

  • An unlimited number of printers.
  • Alignment pages for preprinted stationery.
  • Jobs may be restarted from the page halted at, or from any specified page.
  • Job priorities print early or later.
  • Interactive real-time viewing and control of job queue and printer status.
  • Automatic user transparent post-processing of output.
  • Comprehensive security and accounting features.
  • Extensive time dependent features.
  • Customization and native language support.
  • Transparent sharing of jobs and printers across TCP/IP networks.

BARR SYSTEM - Printer Interface

This system could be used to attach the current Xerox Printer to the UNIX system. This is a tightly integrated interface between Print Spooler and the BARR system.


  • One or more UNIX based systems can send print jobs to one or more BARR systems in a transparent, efficient and secure manner.
  • All the print job's attributes are recognised and communicated to the BARR system where these are being used for automatic print job scheduling as well as being displayed to the operator, simplifying the operation and decision making process.
  • Transparent, efficient and simple network printing protocol assures fast response and high throughput when printing from Xi-Text (lp) on a UNIX computer to a remote BARR system with minimum usage of both the host UNIX computer and the BARR system resources.
  • Extensive and detailed usage and error logging to allow quick trouble shooting. This process can easily be automated with existing software to provide audit trails for further investigation.

PRINTER DRIVERS- Advanced Printer Drivers

To enhance UNIX printing, interface programs that enable The Print Spooler to more effectively communicate with network devices were developed. These are the Socket Driver and the Lpr Driver.

The Socket Driver is specifically designed to communicate with those devices which utilise the TCP/IP sockets protocol. These devices are usually network devices such as Terminal Servers, but may also be other software applications. For example, INET is a PC software package which communicates with UNIX hosts using the sockets protocol.

The Lpr Driver also serves the function of communication with other devices or software applications, but employs a different protocol known as lpr/lpd. This protocol is generally employed by software applications rather than devices, examples of these are FTP's PC/TCP and Novell.


  • Enhanced Buffer Control
  • Enhanced Timing Control
  • Help Facilities
  • Extensive Diagnostic Information
  • Network Device Error Checking
  • Superior Performance
  • Support for Network Printing Services of Netware release 4.1
  • Support for the printing of binary files (graphics) from UNIX to FTP's and LPD Servers.
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