This front-end UNIX utility menu, offers the system administrator or user a variety of options, such as access to different Application Environments, Print Spooler, Batch Scheduler and the system specific utilities like creation of user profile's, printers, the termination of user processes, system performance utilities to name a few.

All the commands executed from this script are under strict control and can be done without having the "Super User" permissions. PowerDesk Delegator is bundled with this product.

The Cronus Consulting SumMenu is a set of Unix scripts that allow system - administrators or support personnel to execute typical Unix command without the need to know the syntax to all the commands.

The menu is build based on the user's assigned group and is done dynamically. In other words, some users might only require a menu to allow them to different Natural environments where other have access to Unix command like resetting of password, creating new users etc.

SumMenu integrates to PowerDesk Delegator® where a user or groups of user's, are defined to allow access, or deny access, to Unix commands that might require "root" access. The authentication of user access is done upon execution of the command, based on privileges defined in PowerDesk can a user be allowed to execute "root" privileged command without supplying the root password. (E.g. The reset another users password; terminate/kill "run-a-way" processes).

SumMenu can be customized to execute any Unix command or script. The simple "flat file" interface will enable to "menu" executable program to build the required menu dynamically and the width of number of entry on screen can also be defined according to your commands and descriptions.

A number of sample scripts (for a Natural/Adabas Unix installation) are included and the client can use these to build his own menu structure.

  • Build menu's dynamically per user
  • Sub Menu's
  • Executing of any Unix scripts or any Unix commands
  • Validation of user privileges (PowerDesk Delegator)
  • Security based on user-id or User-group.
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