The EspSMS Zeus software enables legacy applications to connect to a carrier-grade SMS Gateway, allowing you to send global SMS messages in minutes. You can choose from our selection of APIs including HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML and Com Object. These options can also be extended into Two-Way SMS communication.

  • Merge facility - Automatic insertion of names
  • Two-Way interactive facility - Send and reply
  • Multiple Groups and address book functionality
  • Import of large databases
  • Integration to Outlook Address (desktop and Web)
  • Global access with immediate text messaging
  • Reporting facility and complete history log
  • No hidden, monthly, or set-up costs.
  • Competitive pricing & volume discounts
  • Message history with status reports
  • Scheduling of messages
  • Controllable sender id on most routes
  • Email to SMS and SMS to email
  • Credit transfer to sub-users
  • STOP or unsubscribe ready **

Cronus Consulting utilizes simple yet robust SMS gateway connectivity for those who need to SMS-enable their legacy application, websites, or systems.

By using the API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable and can be used to enable any application.

Legacy Application Integrator:
If your application's underlying technology is Software AG's Natural® you can make use of our EspSMS SMTP and FTP "subprogram" plug-in and enable you legacy application within minutes. The API is immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any WEB front-end or legacy applications, with a direct connection into GSM global gateways.

API connectivity features below:

  • SMTP or E-Mail to SMS API
  • COM Object API

Email to SMS (also available with WEB application)
Email to SMS allows you to extend the power of SMS to your desktop. It allows you to use your own email client (Outlook or other email clients) to send and receive SMS messages.

This is a great interface for people comfortable with using email. It also allows for multiple people to use the system - a powerful tool for office communication. You can be ready to send from your email client within minutes. Replies to an SMS can automatically be forwarded to an email address of your choice and visa versa.

Over and above the features listed for the desktop application the WEB interface offers the following additional features.

  • The ability to send messages to groups and/or individuals.
  • Uploading of lists to groups on the user's own online phonebook, along with facilities to manipulate the groups.
  • A message history where the user can see how many messages were sent to what numbers at what time.
  • A status report facility where the user can establish whether the messages were delivered to the phone or not.
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