The Menu-Driver System has been designed to assist the systems administrator in the generation of menu's and functions that can be allocated to users.

The system will automatically create menus by examining the descriptive area (flower-box) embedded inside the code of each program. All work file and printer assignments within a program will also be automatically detected and assigned default values.

The systems administrator can now use all this information to create easily maintainable menus and functions that are individual to each user. The menu-driver is based on programs and functions that are placed into user-defined menus that are then assigned to users. A menu entry can also be placed on to another menu. This ability allows for a multilevel set of menu's that can be grouped to suit any user requirements.

There are no limitations on the number of levels of menus. Users can be grouped together without a limit on the number of groups. Security at the function-level is provided in a hierarchical manner.

One top-level user has access to all functions and menu's in the system. This top-level user can assign functions and menus to other users. A user can then distribute those functions and menu's allocated to him/her to other users of whom he/she is the owner.

It is also possible to create a suite of menus based on a more complex environment, where more than one set of functions is generally shared by all users. I this case, more than one top-level user can administer his own suite of functions, making the structure easier to handle.

  • Dynamic Menu Creation - Automated
  • Program Inventory with dependencies
  • Multi Level Menu's (Unlimited)
  • User and Group Profiles
  • Security at Function Level
  • Super User Access to all functions
  • Internal Messaging
  • MQ Series Interface
  • GUI Option
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